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Introduction To Dermatology

Module I: Introduction to Dermatology

The diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders represent a high percentage of clinic consultations. These cases are often stressful for pets and owners due to the need for long-term treatment.

Introduction to Fluorescence Biomodulation

Module II: Introduction to Fluorescence Biomodulation

This innovative form of photobiomodulation uses an LED light source with chromophores to deliver a broad spectrum of visible light to the many layers of the skin.

Phovia Unboxing & Technical Description

Module III: PHOVIA® Unboxing & Technical Description

PHOVIA® is a system that includes the PHOVIA® LED Lamp, PHOVIA® gel and the materials needed to apply the gel.

Understanding the Studies & Results

Module IV: Understanding the Studies & Results

Fluorescence Light Energy, alone or as an adjunct, has shown positive results in promoting healing a variety of skin conditions in multiple veterinary clinical studies.

Safety Information

Module V: Safety Information

Fluorescent Light Energy has an excellent safety profile and is well tolerated. No serious adverse events have been reported in any clinical trials.

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