Flexadin Survey Questions

What are the reasons for the decline of Flexadin in this clinic?
1- Decrease in the number of patients/clients at the clinic (customer traffic)
2- Decrease in average supplements purchase per customer
3- Fewer employees (less time/resources)
4- Change in ownership or medical management
5- Decline in the clinic’s general interest in mobility or OA
6- Replacing Flexadin with another competitive supplement
What are the reasons for replacement?
     7- Lower pet owner prices
     8- More attractive rebate program
     9- Better promotional or marketing program
     10- Better brand image
     11- Best formulation/studies
     12- Better product quality
     13- Better palatability
     14- Best service and support
     15- Other(s)
16- Replacing Flexadin with Librela or Solensia
17- Decrease in general use of supplements due to new recommendations (e.g. AAHA, COAST, etc.)
18- Reduced confidence in glucosamine-chondroitin (Flexadin PLUS)
19- Reduced confidence in UCII (Flexadin ADVANCED)
20- Other reason

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